Pony, Montana Photo by Max Maxfield of Pony Produce

Saturday September 7th & Saturday September 14th, 2019 – 10am-3pm (ish), Ponyland Farm, in the Red Barn located at 28 Johnson Road, Pony, Montana

Go Local!

Ponyland Farm is hosting the (1st annual?!) Pony Farmer’s Market featuring high quality produce, beef and lamb, arts and crafts made by local artists and artisans, a food truck serving delicious food, a fun outing to gorgeous Pony with friends and family and an opportunity to meet new friends and discover sustainability-based farmers and talented artists and craftspeople in your extended community.

The Pony Farmer’s Market will feature farmers, artists, craftspeople and musicians from Pony and the surrounding communities and a different food truck for each of the Saturdays. We’ll be adding more local vendors so check the website for updates.

Ponyland Farm Great Garlic – we hand plant, carefully tend and harvest our many varieties of heirloom, organically-grown garlic. We’ll have cured garlic from this year’s harvest for gourmets, growers and gifts. 7th & 14th

Pony Produce is a small organic vegetable farm in Pony started and run for 8 years now by Max Maxfield and Kim Keller. Their greenhouses can be seen on the hillside near the metal sculpture of the Pony. 7th & 14th

C5 Organic Beef, Cardwell, MT

C5 Organics Owner Brian Goldhahn and his family recently moved to the Cardwell area after 28 years in the Gallatin Valley. Their main focus is Certified Organic Grassfed Beef. Currently it is being sold and served in all Town and Country Food Stores and several restaurants in the Gallatin Valley.
Brian believes in the strength of biodiversity in farming systems and he shares his experience in innovative and sustainable practices by regularly hosting educational farm tours, and providing a venue for sustainability workshops for local and regional environmental and ecologically-minded groups. He has grown various legume grass mixes, barley, oats, triticale, camelina, hay, and pasture in addition to a cow/calf/yearling operation and custom grazing.  “I believe grazing and farming complement each other,” says Brian.  He’s been ranching using sustainable farming practices for many years, and has been certified organic since 2003.  “It’s a way of life,” he says. “Healthy land and happy cattle result in great tasting beef!”

Gallatin Valley’s only 100% woodsmoked BBQ
find BSBBQ on FB and at http://www.bluesmokebarbeque.com/

Saturday, September 7th Blue Smoke BBQ (formerly of Bozeman, now of Three Forks) will be serving mouth watering fare from noon to three with talented Chef Justin Koller at the helm.

find Hashi at https://www.hashibozeman.com and https://www.facebook.com/hashibozeman/

Saturday, September 14th Hashi will be serving up delicious Asian street food that fuses classic tastes with inspiring modern flavors from eleven to three with the skilled duo of executive Chef Josh Spisak and co-owner Kate Czesnakowicz.

find Made In Pony Montana at www.MadeInPonyMontana.Etsy.com and Instagram and Facebook

Made In Pony Montana ~ Quilts made from jeans rescued from our local cowboys/ranchers and their families. Already having a legacy, they’re ready for you to add your own memories to them. Hug You jean quilts have been designed by Doreen J. Young for over 20 years. 7th & 14th

Douma Designs ~ Contemporary handcrafted jewelry for any occasion. Find your fancy with a wide selection of intricately made earrings and necklaces designed to delight. Elizabeth Douma is a Pony native, jewelry designer and mompreneur extraordinaire. 7th & 14th

find Little Stingers honey at https://www.facebook.com/Little-Stingers-Honey-280590829274532/

What started as a simple hobby five years ago with just four beehives, Little Stingers Honey has grown into a buzzing business with nearly 50 hives on five registered yards throughout the Gallatin Valley. Currently selling out of our home in Churchill, you can anticipate finding a taste of our hometown honey on the shelves of local stores soon. 7th & 14th

find Kokoro Flowers at https://www.kokoroflowers.com/

Kokoro flowers is a small cut flower farm located in Bozeman. At Kokoro we strive to embrace this sense of heart that makes this, our community so special. Offering local fresh flowers for any occasion, we specialize in seasonal cuts. 7th & 14th

Kokoro (心 Japanese) ~ “heart”. Though the meaning is more often used to convey a sense of “having heart.”

find Copia Cove Icelandic Sheep at http://www.copiacove.com/about/

Copia Cove LLC, a sheep ranching operation in beautiful Butte, is owned and operated by super-mommy, Amika Ryan and shepherdesses-in-training Madison and baby Finley. Their 2019 breeding flock consists of fifty pure-bred Icelandic ewes and three magnificent rams.

Amika’s dream is to offer the best Icelandic sheep breeding stock and handmade, value-added sheep products (made from sheep milk, fiber, and/or sheepskins) in North America. She is dedicated to promoting the Icelandic sheep breed, sustainable ranching, and humane treatment of all animals (and humans). 7th & 14th

find Osterloth Hardwoods @hollowtophardwoods on Instagram and at https://www.hollowtophardwoods.com/

Ted Osterloth designs and creates custom wood flooring and gorgeous one of a kind furniture pieces, cutting boards, serving boards and coasters. 7th only

find Aspen Pottery at https://www.facebook.com/pg/Aspen-Pottery-2173036559684009/posts/

Sue Kinn-Brown fell in love with clay the first time she was introduced to it in elementary school. She enjoys trying any new techniques that she finds interesting and incorporating her own ideas into them. Her love of nature and animals inspires her creations and her work reflects that. 7th only

Janet Muirhead Hill
find Raven Publishing at http://ravenpublishing.net/index.php

Janet Muirhead Hill, author, CEO and editor-in-chief, launched Raven Publishing in 2002.

The mission of Raven Publishing is to engage, entertain, excite, and inspire readers through the publication of thoughtful, compelling books. We publish works that contribute to the greater literary community, encourage imagination, and foster the relationship between author and reader. 7th only

find Marcia Melton at http://ravenpublishing.net/authors.php

Author Marcia Melton was born in Butte and her family roots in Montana echo back to the late 1800’s from Butte, Dillon, and Philipsburg to Fort Benton, Big Sandy, and the Bears Paw Mountains.  She writes, “I hope that my writing for young readers might give them windows of courage, adventure, thoughtfulness, and friendship – so needed in our world.”  7th only

find Artinharmony at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Artinharmony

Laura Ganje of Artinharmony is a painter and creator of eclectic jewelry and unique handmade crafts. 7th only

Steampunk cog earrings
Cigar box purse
find Reflections of Montana at https://www.reflectionsofmontanallc.com/

Tracy Scott is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Photography and has won national and state awards for his breathtaking fine art portraiture. He has published several books showing the beauty of this country and has been published in magazines and newspapers. His passion now is to share the knowledge acquired from his many years traveling the back roads and trails of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah through photography workshops. Tracy teaches all levels of professional landscape and wildlife photography. 14th only

http://www.sagebrushwellness.com/find Health Coach Melissa at

Coach Melissa Homner, a certified integrative nutritional health coach and essential oils coach currently studying at the School of Applied Functional Medicine, works with clients to find the underlying causes of their unique dis-ease process, and positively affect their symptoms by minimizing what is harmful, maximizing what is healing, and enabling them to create an environment of healing for themselves while becoming master’s of their own recovery journey. Her office is located in Bozeman Wellness Center in Bozeman and she serves clients onsite or remotely. 7th & 14th

Melissa also runs Wilderness Edge which provides vacation lodge and cabin rentals near West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park. Find them at https://www.facebook.com/TheWildernessEdge/ and http://www.wildernessedge.com/
find them at http://www.bentherbalist.com and http://www.floraforfauna.net

Terrapeutics (which means Earth Medicine) was founded by a veterinarian, a botanist and a chemical engineer.  They are a High IQcompany; focusing on Integrity and Quality in everything that they do.  CBD is everywhere right now and they believe that there is a genuine need for a product that operates with transparency and a commitment to quality throughout the supply chain.  
All their materials are sourced in the USA, and everything is manufactured in Bozeman, MT.  They are testing their raw materials and finished products through an accredited laboratory in California which has the most rigorous standards in the United States (expensive but worth it!).  They test each batch for heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, residual solvents and microbial contaminants.  They are manufacturing products they would not hesitate to give to their own loved ones, and frequently do!  Flora for Fauna is helping relax and calm one of the high strung dogs on this very property as we speak. (Thank you Kristen, Kim & Matt!)
Matt heads up the human product division (Bent Herbalist), Dr. Kim leads the furry friend endeavors through Flora for Fauna and Kristen oversees the chemical engineering.  Matt and Kim both operate separate businesses that have used our products on hundreds of clients (both human animal and animal animal) and have a tremendous amount of anecdotal evidence supporting the use of our CBD products for reduction of pain, anxiety, inflammation, etc.  None of our products have been evaluated by the FDA, so they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any type of disease.
7th (possibly) & 14th (definitely)

the musical stylings of August Ore