REsizedIMG_0680 copyNigerian Dwarf goats are fast becoming one of the most popular goat breeds in the United States. And it is no wonder; they are known for excellent milk production yet they are small, easy keepers, they are endlessly entertaining pets, and they are highly effective grass, weed and scrub brush trimmers and eliminators.

Among the dairy breeds, Nigerian Dwarf goat milk has the highest levels of butterfat, making it so creamy that it’s often preferred over cow’s milk.  Nigerian Dwarf milk has approximately 6 – 10% butterfat, as opposed to approximately 2 – 6% for other breeds.  Since butterfat is what gives milk its sweet flavor, it’s the sweetest, richest milk of all the dairy goat breeds. It is possible to stagger breeding so that you have fresh wholesome goat’s milk (and the delicious products you can make from it) available year round.

Nigerian dwarf goats are hilarious. If you’d like to have a Pied Piper experience, they will follow you anywhere. I often walk my goats to the post office for a fun-filled outing.IMG_0032I have three gorgeous, tame, registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. They will turn two in the spring of 2018 and are the perfect age for breeding. They were bred by experienced Nigerian Dwarf goat breeder Kristi Jacobs of Rusty Duck Lane and come with the esteemed reputation of having mothers who are prolific milkers. fullsizerender-jpg-3-e1521337258782.jpegfullsizerender-jpg-2.jpeg