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clipart garlicOur garlic is “super natural” – we aren’t certified organic but we grow according to (and often beyond) organic principles. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides of any kind are used. The soil has been chemical-free for at least two decades (probably a good deal longer). The soil is prepared for growing garlic by enrichment via green-manure, nitrogen-fixing crops. No garlic bed is used to grow garlic for more than one season running. After garlic is harvested, the beds are planted with nitrogen-fixing crops and then allowed to lie fallow for a minimum of one season. This practice not only builds the soil and thus the health and quality of the garlic, but it also safeguards crops from becoming diseased.

All garlic has been cured, cleaned and is available for consumption, storage or seed for your own garden.

COMING SOON ~ Information on a dozen exquisite new heirloom varieties planted in 2017, available in August of 2018. A garlic-lover’s paradise!

MUSIC – hard neck porcelain garlic, extra large.
“Music – an outstanding plant producing very large bulbs. Strong, robust plants stand out in the garden. A sweet and substantial garlic when baked. Hot when consumed raw. A Bestseller.”

INCHELLIUM RED – soft neck artichoke garlic
lnchellium garlic  is considered the benchmark variety. The cloves have a mild and savory aroma and their flavor is neither mellow nor too pungent and provides a rather rich and robust taste with a medium level of spiciness, even when eaten raw. Cooking the garlic simply brings out more of the garlic’s depth.

MONTANA ROJA – hard neck rocambole garlic
Many connoisseurs believe that when well grown its flavor describes true garlic. A flavor so strong, hot and robust that it sticks around for a long time. If cooked, particularly roasted it will develop a deep, rich and complex flavor. It has been described as one of the most preferred garlics flavor-wise in the world.

GERMAN PURPLE STRIPE – hard neck stripe garlic
It has a stong spicy garlic flavor, quite hot from the start. Long lasting flavor with easy to peel cloves. Rich, strong flavor, hot and spicy, lingering flavour.

ROBUST RED – hardneck garlic
Good flavor best described as “true” garlic, pleasantly hot and spicy.

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